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Bruce M Whealton,
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I am Bruce Whealton, and I do business as Future Wave Web Development. I enjoy what I do and I enjoy learning about all the new technologies that are emerging. There is a parallel evolution of software technologies and capabilities and constantly evolving improvements in computer and related hardware. When it comes to technology, things are changing and at amazingly fast pace. If we don't take advantage of these changes, we will be left behind and not get noticed. Some of these technologies are unnoticed by many people but they may be seeing the effects of these changes without knowing it.

Future Wave Web Development can help you by creating a websites that takes advantage of various new cutting-edge technologies. As an example, the mobile revolution has changed so much. It is a given, that today's websites must be "responsive" in the sense that they can display effectively, appropriately and in an attractive fashion on a variety of devices from Smart Phones, To Tablets, Laptops and Desktop computers.Another exciting part of this revolution or evolution is the popularity of mobile "apps." It is common for Web Developers today to recognize the importance of mobile "apps" as many of our clients recognize as a part of their common vocabulary the word "app." This involves a blurring of the distinction between web applications and mobile applications, or mobile apps. In the past we had "software" that ran on a user's computer and the web browser was just one of those applications. Note that I am using "software" and "applications" as synonymous. What is unique now, is that many features that one finds on today's mobile phones and tablets would not make sense to put on a laptop or desktop computer. The mobility factor just did not exist to such a degree

  • Web Design and Development
  • Responsive Websites for different screens, from large desktop monitors, to Tablets, and Smartphones.
  • Mobile Web Apps
  • Websites that are dynamic, web applications that allow you the owner to maintain the site yourself, giving you greater control over the published content.
  • Programming and Software Engineering for the web and devices.
  • User Interface Design and Development/Programming
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Semantic Web Applications, that utilize the giant global graph, where information can be shared, using Web Standards published by the W3 Web Consortium. One example benefit is the way that search engines such as Google can "understand" the content that exists on a website.
My name is Bruce Whealton and I do business as Future Wave Web Development. I constantly work to keep up with the latest technologies and trends in computing, software engineering/programming, and the latest trends on the web. Some of you may only care about functionality and not how an application can be built or the buzzwords used. You can always contact me if any of these terms sound familiar but you are not sure of their meaning or how they can benefit you. Because my target market may include technically oriented persons, I will list a wide range of my skills.
  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • HTML/XHTML, Including the latest advances in HTML5
  • Cascading Style Sheets, Including CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • MongoDB
  • AngularJS
  • JQuery Mobile
  • JQuery
  • Phonegap/Cordova for packaging Web Apps as Native Mobile Apps
  • Android Application Development
  • Node.js
  • Express for Node.js Apps
  • PHP
  • Laravel - A MVC Framework for PHP based web applications
  • CakePHP - A MVC Framework for PHP based web applications
  • Python
  • Django - Web Framework for the Python Language
  • The Semantic Web: RDF, RDFa, SPARQL, OWL
  • Semantic Web Vocabularies/Ontologies: schema.org, rdfs, foaf, dc, goodrelations, skos, sioc, bio, rel, and more.
  • Wikis

Located in Carrboro, NC

Bruce Whealton, dba Future Wave Web Development, provides Web Design, Web Development and related services locally to clients located in Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh and surrounding areas. This includes, but is not limited to, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Durham, Raleigh, Cary and Wake County. As stated elsewhere client's served include individuals, small businesses, groups and larger organizations.